Johnny Beep Clone Wars

I have worked on development as main developer of this real time multiplayer combat game while working in Skullmonkey Games SL.

Game Center/Google Play Games authentification.
– Achievements and leaderboards. In-App Purchases.
– Native sharing (delegate callbacks to handle different results and states).
– Popups, preloaders and app rating dialogs.
– Push and local notifications for both platforms.
– Real time multiplayer connection with quick-match or invitations system.

Moreover, I implemented some other features to the game like:
– Advertising platforms.
– Rewarded video features.
– Own leaderboard database in MySQL.
– Server-client connection and data management.
– Full visual and programming performance for mobile.

I have been responsable of all Google Play Developer Console and iTunes Connect set up of the app and other requeriments for distributing the game in both platforms.

  –   Click here to download from Apple Store

  –   Click here to download from Google Play Store

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Last updated on April, 2024