Mundijuegos Mobile

I worked on development as programmer and technical artist while working in Tangelo Games Spain SLU. I handled the gameplay, games and data management, dynamic-content download and user experience.

– Server-client communication using gRPC and Protocol Buffers inside Unity 3D engine.
Management of content assets based in asset bundles and versioning.
– Integration of external HTML games inside Unity using WebView and implemented WebView-Unity communication.
Development and integration of Bazaar and BlackJack.
Integration of third party SDK for social sharing and analytics.
– Tools for tasks automatization (asset bundles pipeline, localization and version control actions) for other departments.
Social casino features like roulettes, bonus, accounts account actions, leaderboards and real time messaging.

This project is a mobile app catalog that contains a pack of social casino games. I worked on the project structure to include code and assets from external repositories and support new games integration using git submodules.

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Last updated on August, 2023