Scrabble GO

I am a Senior Technical Artist at Scopely, currently working as part of the Tech Track team responsible for more technical tasks such as memory management, KPI improvements, automation, and tooling.

– Implementation of new core features.
– Managing projects with large amount of assets based on asset bundles and versioning through server infrastructure.
– Managing retrocompatibility and promotion of assets and DLCs.
– Managing new releases and building automated processes.
– Integration of plugins into Unity.
– Develop and integrated Scrabble Classic, Adventures, and Puzzle Path game modes.
Currently supervising new features development.
– Developing tools for task automation (asset bundles pipeline, localization, and version control actions) for other departments.
Automated DLC implementation, reducing resources and time.
– Familiar with tracking and monitoring solutions such as Bugsnag, LookerDataDog and Mobile Store portals.

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Last updated on August, 2023