Galaxy Break (2018)

I have developed Galaxy Break during my free time as a personal project for Android platform. I used Unity 3D graphics engine and Android native plugins to implement some platform specific features. The project objective was to develop a nice visuals mobile game with few graphic resources and a minimalistic style.

– Intuitive simple touch control.
– Progressive difficulty gameplay.
– Up to 5 custom spaceships with own habilities and powers.
– Generic scripts with as many utilities as possible for animation, dynamics, events…
– Very high performance for mobile (shaders, objects pooling, code performance, fake visuals).
– Minimalistic interface using new Unity UI and different types of canvas types (world space, camera based).

Moreover, some Android features I managed are:
– Achievements.
– Leaderboards and events.
– Native sharing access for many applications with results/states delegates.
– Access to locale device information.
– Mobile Advertisement platform (banner/intersticial and rewarded).


  –   Click here to download from Google Play Store.

  –   Click here to see source code.




Last updated on April, 2024