Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing

I have worked on development as programmer while working in Enjoy Up Games SL. I handled the gameplay and game logic and making the port to Xbox One console. I have integrated all Xbox services and features using Xbox One SDK and Unity 3D graphics engine.

– Generic scene management for all gameplay types.
– Some car features (full costumizable car lighting).
– Camera logic (cinematics).
– User interface (gameplay and menus).
– Wheel material system (different wheels reactions to different surfaces like sand, asphalt, glass…).
– Improved waypoints system with new features for respawning methods.

Moreover, some Xbox services features I managed are:
– Achievements system.
– Leaderboards and other events.
– Gamepad inputs for multiple local players and status management.
– Data loading and storage.
– Xbox friends features.

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Last updated on April, 2024