JournApp (2022-2024)

I have developed JournApp during my free time as a personal project for Android platform. The objective of the project was to create a habits tracking app to assist in personal development. I aimed to streamline my weekly tasks, automate notifications, and gather analytical insights. Throughout development, I iteratively refined the app by incorporating and removing functionalities based on rigorous testing and feedback analysis. I used Unity 3D graphics engine and Android native plugins to implement some platform specific features.

– Intuitive and simple UI.
– Optimized architecture.
– Used Observer pattern for handling main logic and navigation through screens.
– Implement network communication and some other functionalities as microservices.
– Solved the remote storage without backend knowlege by using a GitHub repository as the remote database for the users data. There are no caches. There are no server validation. Only used as version control of the data.


  –   Click here to download from Google Play Store.


Last updated on April, 2024